Python Content Management System

A consistent look is important to many websites, but is sadly difficult to achieve with current tools. Frames are bad, mod_include isn't enabled by default, and CGI is overkill for small sites. This is a collection of scripts giving another option.

This project provides two main tools.

First, a simple file viewer and editor, allowing anyone with the website administrator's password (chosen independently of any user passwords on the server) to edit files in the web site. The viewer and editor are simple CGI pages which any user with the correct URL can reach, but edits may only be made with the password, so this is only a security hole if your website depends on security through obscurity (which it shouldn't be doing anyway).

Second, a file combining script. This allows the parts of a web site which need to be standard to be seamlessly combined with page-specific content. The files are run through the script each time they are updated, creating static HTML. The server does not have to run its scripts every time the static pages are accessed, reducing the load caused by the website.


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